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Fixed-Income Funds
Integrity Viking Funds has distinguished itself as a leader in the management of state-specific municipal bond funds. In managing our municipal funds, we utilize a value-oriented strategy and look for higher-yielding bonds that offer the potential for above-average returns, while managing overall risk.

We have also developed a strong reputation in the management of high-yield corporate bonds. We utilize a fundamental “bottom-up” research strategy that seeks to provide income investors with above average yields in a risk-managed mutual fund.

Equity Funds
Our equity investment methodology allows us to follow value wherever it is in the marketplace. We buy companies with good growth prospects and high returns on capital, but only at a discount to their fair value. We strive to keep risk as low as possible, while affecting total return as little as possible. Simply put, our goal is to keep up with the overall stock market during bull markets and minimize losses during bear markets. Therefore, we typically buy stocks with strong growth potential and enough dividend income to reduce the overall volatility of the stock price.

Disciplined Risk Management
Risk management is an important part of our overall investment strategy. We believe that the best way to assure consistent returns over time is to manage overall risk exposure. We believe that the level of risk an investor is willing to accept drives both investment decisions and returns. We typically build our portfolios as though we are going to hold the securities forever; however, to reduce the downside risk, we will sell a security if the fundamentals begin to deteriorate. We are looking for the highest risk-adjusted return we can attain.

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